Fear Nothing

You can either live your dream or live your fears. The majority of people actually not living their dreams but living their fears. What are your fears ? We all have something that is blocking us and holding us back. And when begin to look at life, we realize that the real reason people do not reach their true potential and not doing the thing they really like to do is because they are afraid of failures, or don’t know what to do when they are successful.

Acknowledging that you have fear and knowing that it is OK. It’s perfectly fine to have some fear. Acknowledge, embrace and move on. On this journey, I acknowledge that I’m fear to be back on the road. And I am fear to ride a bike on one of the dangerous road in the world. But to achieve what you really want to achieve, I conquer this fear by keep writing about this journey. It reminds me that I am used to be on the same road alone.