Just Do It

At some point of our life, we have to take a risk. It may be a really scary risk. Some people say when you’re afraid of doing something that scares you, it’s a good sign that you should make it happen. I have no intention to brag but please allow me to share my dreams with you. I would be then more committed on what I planned a few years ago. 10 years passed by, I’ll make another solo trip but this time by a café racer motorbike to the highest ‘motorable’ road in the world. This is one of the things that I want to do to challenge myself again. It might sound crazy but I have a few projects to finish along the journey and I’m not the first one doing this kind of thing.

I’m sharing this message because you’re my friends and hope that this journey will benefit us or some of our friends. Besides my posting on this facebook, you can follow my blog at CafeRacerJourney.com.

(In case you’re worried about me) With my solo travel experiences to more than 25 countries and going through challenging road conditions, I’m mentally prepared but not fit. So I’d start with getting rid of extra 14kg of fat from my body first, among others tongue emoticon

Time is short. It’s now the time to focus only on things that I CAN CONTROL & THINGS THAT MATTER – a charity project.

All I need from you is moral support. That’s all.