Do you know what really happens when you try to define life? Nothing. Most people who spent many years trying to find meaning into their lives often regret such fruitless pursuit. Why not just live your life as it is and if you’re lacking distinction as to the pursuit of a meaningful life, try to look at yourself with a new pair of eyes like from a third person perspective?

Many people say that LIFE starts at 40. Some say it starts a few months before we see the world. For me, it starts when you take the first step following your guts doing what you are designed to be. What must really matter is that it is you that you are looking at, not just anyone else or the persona created by your friends or families. Mind you, you’re sort of living a lie trying to live according to other people’s expectations of you. At 40, you’re pretty sure that you can take a long good look at yourself and determine if the person that you’re looking at is really yourself.

It is not going to be easy but if you are serious, you will go all out. There’s nothing more difficult than living a lie or if you prefer ignorance, that is basically living like a walking dead. Think about a lion tying to live the sheep’s life. This simply points to a very simple truth, that you don’t get to enjoy living your truest potentials. Of course you don’t become the lion overnight, that’s why it’s not going to be easy but if you have strong dedication and determination, you can succeed.

Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can. You can easily do these once you figured out how you really look. When you can fully feel the ground that you’re currently on, you can figure out lots of useful stuff when you’re adventuring, life after all is just a journey. The funny thing is that at such focal point, you’d know that you already have pretty much everything that you’ll need to move on. Do what you can but always try to do more.

Falter but never crawl. You are standing up for your dream. Take full responsibility for your LIFE. When you know who you are, this becomes so much easier to do. Being responsible for your life means living your own dreams.

No matter how crude life may be, there are plenty of ways to make it easier. Think about traveling. Decide where to go. Captain your destiny. Life as a journey can be taken literally. See more places other than your usual weekend spots. Destiny is overrated, so think about it as the dot that ends every sentence. But before arriving to that inescapable dot, use as many words as you can even if you utilize commas and semi-colons. Travel has no rules, just enjoy it.

Nonetheless, the most significant of all is to live your LIFE with passion. Enjoy everyday and every destination that you can get into.