People Who You Surround with Really Matter

Many successful people will advise you that in order to be successful, you have to be with the successful people. And a proven theory says that you will be like 5 persons that you hang around with the most. But you’ll create a gap between the successful people and not so successful (again this is too subjective) and it can create problems as you can see nowadays. When there’s a gap, there will be conflicts.

How about 33% rules of successful living? It suggests that we connect with all types of people. 1/3 with successful people who can be our mentor, another 1/3 with people who are at the same level so we can share some thought and idea with and the last 1/3 with the people that might learn something from our experiences. If we equally spend our time with these groups of people, you can expect what the outcome is. A wonderful world where people keep encouraging each other.

Actually, it doesn’t matter whether they are successful or not, the most important thing is please mingle with the positive people who supports you along this life journey. Remember those who applauds you when you start, fall and move up to a better life.