What is Your Lifetime Journey?

“Our time is limited. Live our life with passion and purpose.” ~Dith Yasuri

Since I travel slow, I’ve been on the road to many amazing places and meeting a lot of wonderful people. Most people love to travel to a destination but I try to set a longer time to be on the journey of a lifetime. Out of 35 countries that I’ve been to, the following are most memorable journeys where I met nice people, experienced beautiful journey and I learned a lot about myself.

  1. Circular Rail Journey from Austria to Eastern Europe [Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary]
  2. 30 Days Around the World [France, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Cuba, Netherland, Spain, Morocco]
  3. New Zealand Southern Island Journey

Once in our lifetime, we need a journey that fulfills our life and purpose. I believe that you have made your own life journey for your own reason. We are unique. We come from and go to different places. Although we are on the different journeys, I believe that most of us have the same goal which is happiness along this life journey.

My next lifetime journey is a charity solo motorbike trip from Manali to Leh in Ladakh region of India. This is a dream journey for many travelers, photographers, writers and creative minded individuals. It’s not a personal journey since I will share the journey with whoever joins me either on my Facebook Page and this blog.

A journey like this has full of challenges and make your life richer in the same time. I believe that you’ll gather many positive experiences and inspiring moments from your lifetime journey. As a traveler, we explore, learn, capture, and share the spirit of travel with others. See the most you possibly can. Learn the most you possibly can. And share the best of it with those who are matters.